To ensure that this wiki is high-quality, several policies must be followed. Policies ensure that the wiki stays civil, organized, and readable. Policies cannot be changed without discussing on the talk page.

Follow the Wikia TOS (Non-negotiable)

The Wikia terms of service is not negotiable. Please follow it to make sure that our wiki stays online. Failure to do so may result in user bans, or, in worst case scenarios, the entire website getting taken down. So, please read the terms of use.

Copyright (Non-negotiable) wiki is published under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. All images, text, and etcetera must either be from the public domain, under a Copyleft license, or used under fair use. Content that infringes copyright laws must be removed or replaced with a non-copyrighted alternative. Do not copy text or other media from other wikis, websites, books, or other sources without crediting, and always put information in your own words. Always cite your sources with the <ref></ref> and {{Reflist}} templates.

Articles on Users or Real People (Non-negotiable)

Only notable users or notable real people relevant to the topic of are allowed. As per Wikia's wiki creation policy, libelous content and cyberbullying are not allowed.


Unlike other fan wikis, this wiki has to be neutral and well-sourced. However, that does not mean that only dull "encyclopedic" prose can be used. Try to write neutral articles with interesting prose.


To separate us from, as per the wiki creation policies of wikia, this wiki also allows articles on debating in general, and also competing debate websites.


Articles cannot have libelous content, and discussions in userspace, talk, and forums should be civil and calm. Flame wars, or uncivil discussions, are banned.

Images and videos

Images and videos must follow copyright laws. They should either be in the public domain, under a copyleft license, or used under fair use. Sexually explicit content, videos depicting violence, blood, and gore, or content that violates Wikia's TOS are not allowed.